What we deliver

We provide expert and tailored HR, Recruitment and Professional Development solutions that align with your business objectives and values.


What we do

Envisage HR Solutions are HR, Recruitment and Professional Development specialists.

Our dedicated team of HR Consultants, Talent Acquisition Partners, and Trainers, work with small and medium sized organisations across all industries.

We operate locally from our offices in Geelong, Victoria, offering an authentic and transparent national service, tailored to your business.

Our expertise lies in providing tailored HR, Recruitment and Professional Development solutions that align with your business objectives and values. Whether it's recruiting and selecting the right talent, developing effective performance management programs, or fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Envisage HR Solutions
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How we offer support

You can engage us for one off projects or ad hoc advice when it is needed, or, on an ongoing basis through our monthly retainer model.

We deliver services remotely, over the telephone or via video. We can work in person, on site, in your business, or a hybrid of both. Our working relationship will change over time as your business changes, and we set you up for success.

Who we work with

The Envisage team are passionate about people, and truly care about your challenges, whilst delivering individualised HR Services.

We support Australian SME's operating locally, nationally and internationally, through all phases of business evolution, and the employee life cycle: from recruitment, onboarding, people development, and performance management - to employee exit.

Strategic workforce planning, change management and legal compliance are cornerstones of our day-to-day HR Service activity. Nurturing the growth and development of your talent is exciting to us. The Envisage HR Solutions team deliver great results by connecting with everyone we come across, all the time.

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What we deliver

The Envisage HR Solutions suite of services will enhance and empower your team whilst mitigating people-related risks to your business.

By partnering with us, you will have a team focused on optimizing your business performance through your people.

Our client experience

Envisage HR Solutions prides itself on its dynamic and well-rounded professional team. Upon engaging with a new business to deliver HR Consulting services we assess the needs of the new client and draw on the experience of our team to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our clients have dedicated consultants who know and understand their business and people. Our consultants engage subject matter experts from the broader Envisage HR Solutions team and associates as required.

  • Dedicated HR Consultant
  • Access to our whole team
  • Access to subject matter expert
  • HR Best Practice
  • HR Trends and Competitive Advantage
  • Employment Compliance
  • Objective Resolution of complex people-related matters
  • Flexible Engagement Options to suit your business

We 'outsourced HR' and Envisage became an important and trusted member of the team. I had been the ‘designated HR Person’ this started to release me to do other important tasks in the business.


The critical thing for me has been that Envisage are only a phone call away for me to contact them, to run ideas and seek advice. Thanks to Envisage we don’t need them as much as we used to… why? Because we have great staff who are open to discussion, planning, participation and are loyal.


It’s great to know Envisage HR keep us up to date with current legislation changes and can provide support if we need it.


Envisage were able to guide me in dealing with on-going issues and set to plan problem solving and management. Not all problems had the outcome some expected. Their professionalism and skill set assisted all parties in resolving the best outcome for individuals and the company.