There are three ways of working together. We recognise our working relationship will change over time as your business evolves, and as we set you up for success.


HR Advice Line

Engage Envisage when you need expert guidance and support to navigate HR matters - and HR Crisis! Our HR Advice Line is available to you on an ad hoc basis. We are here for you when you need us.


HR Business Partner

Having a dedicated HR Consultant backed by a team of experts available to deliver hands-on HR Solutions to an agreed monthly budget will set you apart from your competitors. This service ensures compliance, improves team engagement and enhances your team's leadership skills.

HR Department

Gain access to a dedicated hands-on team that understands your business, your vision and industrial landscape. Available to deliver planned HR, Training and Recruitment works that will immediately improve your business, culture, and team performance.

HR Consultant Cost

Interested in Training or Recruitment only?

Enquire today about Recruitment and Training pricing and packages.

  • We deliver remotely, via telephone or video conference.
  • We work onsite in your business, or a hybrid of both.
  • We're committed to providing customized HR services that address your unique organisational needs.

Benefits of working with us

Whatever way you work with us, there are many benefits to becoming a part of the Envisage Family including:

  • Dedicated HR Manager backed-up by an experienced team.
  • Timely advice to keep you compliant.
  • Industry best-practice offering a competitive edge.
  • Expert associates that keep your finger on the pulse.

Ready to optimize the performance of your business through your people?


The Envisage team are passionate about people,

and truly care about your challenges, whilst delivering tailored HR Services. We guide businesses through challenges, and celebrate our clients successes along the way. We are with you on the journey!

Envisage HR Solutions support businesses through all phases of business evolution, and the employee life cycle: from recruitment, onboarding, development, and performance management - to employee exit. Strategic workforce planning, change management and legal compliance are cornerstones of our day-to-day HR Service activity. Nurturing the growth and development of your talent is exciting to us - placing a new culturally fit team member gives us a thrill.

  • We develop high performing teams.
  • We build teams for purpose.
  • We identify and grow talent…we support leaders.
  • We ensure compliance to employment law.
  • We resolve conflict through investigation, mediation, negotiation.
  • We create cultures that attract and retain the right talent at the right time.
  • We are flexible, accessible, and dynamic.

We are your Human Resource solution.

Envisage Total HR Solutions.

At Envisage HR Solutions we optimize the performance of your business through your people.

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Envisage HR Solutions

We 'outsourced HR' and Envisage became an important and trusted member of the team. I had been the ‘designated HR Person’ this started to release me to do other important tasks in the business.


The critical thing for me has been that Envisage are only a phone call away for me to contact them, to run ideas and seek advice. Thanks to Envisage we don’t need them as much as we used to… why? Because we have great staff who are open to discussion, planning, participation and are loyal.


It’s great to know Envisage HR keep us up to date with current legislation changes and can provide support if we need it.


Envisage were able to guide me in dealing with on-going issues and set to plan problem solving and management. Not all problems had the outcome some expected. Their professionalism and skill set assisted all parties in resolving the best outcome for individuals and the company.