Optimise Your Workforce – Leadership and Behavioural Profiling.


Self-aware leaders are more commonly adaptable to their environment and responsive to the various personalities they are required to manage in the workplace. Here at Envisage HR we are accredited to administer a leadership and behavioural testing tool called DiSC, which helps leaders to expand their self-awareness and their capabilities.

Not only do individuals learn more about their own leadership style and what drives these, they also learn a great deal about their colleagues, how they interrelate individually and as a team unit. We’ve seen some amazing results with our clients, with most citing greater collaboration and efficiencies throughout the business, along with a more cohesive workplace culture.

The benefit in utilising a leadership and behavioural profiling tool versus a personality profiling tool is that once self-awareness occurs, behaviours can be modified, whereas personality profiling is generally set and rarely changes.

DiSC can be used in varying ways to optimise a workforce. These can include:

  • Identifying one’s own leadership style and the associated strengths and limitations
  • Effective communication strategies to communicate with different styles within their teams
  • Understand the style spread of the leadership team, its impact on culture and the organisation, identify the positives and challenges of this spread
  • Gain an ability to read another individual’s style and adjust your approach accordingly.

Contact us to explore how DiSC and our specialised Leadership Team Dynamics session can have an impact on your business.

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