Delivering Difficult Conversations

HR is in a great position to see where communication can be disjointed and to judge the quality and authenticity of such communication. HR professionals often see conversations from both sides, listening to feedback reports from business leaders while picking up direct feedback from their layers of reports.

HR professionals can step in as mediators and “help both sides to communicate”.

Delivering messages and having conversations can be difficult, and we encourage leaders to:

  1. “Turn on their curiosity” to enable better relationships with their teams; fostering curiosity can make CEOs more comfortable with the idea that they don’t always have to be correct, then they start learning things they didn’t know before – the breadth and depth of what they may not have realised before.
  2. “Promote and pursue” critical business decisions, and,
  3. “Actively listen”.

Before becoming CEOs, leaders are often “used to having people swarm around them, whether that’s in reality or through structure”. However, trying to foster friendships with their reports can impact these working relationships.

That’s a bad position to be in; because it makes making difficult decisions even more difficult where you have a positive relationship.

Source: People Leaders