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Career Coaching

If you are seeking professional development, career advancement, or job transition guidance, get in touch today to schedule your Individual Career Coaching.

Most people experience some kind of professional instability – be it coming to an absolute standstill at a job, mid-career crisis, unsuccessful job searches, and even job loss. Getting professional advice, guidance and support from a skilled career coach will get you on the right path, quickly.

Envisage HR Solutions delivers a methodical, organised and proven coaching program. We work with you to identify barriers that are blocking your professional advancement, pivot you towards the right opportunities, and prepare a step-by-step plan to achieve your professional objectives.

The personalised and confidential Envisage HR Solutions Career Coaching service is flexible and responsive to your needs.

Working with us you will…

  • Develop an inspiring career plan
  • Identify new skills, upgrade existing abilities and boost confidence
  • Steer through career transitions
  • Identify and plan for professional growth
  • Establish strategies to stay motivated, reduce work anxiety and stress
  • Receive unbiased, frank, but constructive feedback
  • Access tools and resources to build your personal brand
  • Ace the job interview!

We are committed to your success and are with you on the journey!

As contemporary HR, Training and Recruitment professionals we provide real-time and deep insights into the job and employment market. You are in safe hands with our team!


Outplacement is a specialised service that assists individuals to effectively navigate the job market and transition to new employment. It is typically an outcome of Transformational Change, or Organisational Restructures that result in employee redundancies or transitions out of an organisation. Outplacement is a service offered by employers to help displaced employees by providing them with professional:

  • Career Counselling
  • Job Search Guidance
  • Resume Writing Assistance and
  • Interview Coaching

Outplacement with the Envisage team can be delivered individually or as a group, in person and remotely.

Career Coaching & Outplacement

Employers who invest in Outplacement services with Envisage HR Solutions…

  • Demonstrate a commitment to their employees in often difficult times
  • Foster a positive employer brand
  • Ease the emotional impact of job loss and foster a smoother transition
  • Mitigate legal risks and negative publicity that may arise from redundancies

The Envisage HR Solutions team have significant professional experience delivering Outplacement Programs to national and international organisations across multiple industries. With real time employment expertise we ensure that our outplacement clients step away with a clear personal strategic plan and the right support around them.

Get in touch today to discuss your Outplacement needs.

Envisage HR Solutions

I took a great deal from by gaining some perspective, some motivation and, most importantly, a strategy, to help me redefine what my next career pathway will be.


I would encourage people, if given the opportunity to attend a training session with Envisage HR Solutions.