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Building a Linkedin profile - our top 6 tips.

Is it necessary? Well if you ask us, yes. Professional networks like Linkedin are powerful tools for finding job opportunities and growing your network to help with future employment.

Like all social media platforms, Linkedin is ever changing and it can be hard to keep up. We’ve rounded up the best insights not only to help you land your dream job, but also for those looking to freshen up their personal brand and grow their network. 

  1. To start with, be yourself. No copying and pasting for your personal Linkedin bio, authenticity really is the key. 
  1. Take a great photo of yourself or ask a friend to help you, keeping in mind the personal brand and image you would like to portray along with being yourself. These days smart phones will do the trick no need for a fancy photo shoot. Don’t forget your background image.
  1. Create your bio, this is the first impression it’s your elevator pitch. How do you set yourself apart? How can you let your personality shine through?
  1. Engage with your existing network by liking and commenting on your colleagues achievements. This will encourage people to endorse your skillsets or write a testimony. 
  1. Repost articles that you’re interested in, share your interests and opinions to strengthen your presence on the platform and set you apart from the crowd.
  1. Join interest groups and follow who you admire. Interest and professional association groups are always bustling with people sharing new concepts so get involved, look for help and ask questions.
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